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But wait a minute! That just doesn't make any sense. You need to remember that the bond pays interest semiannually, and we entered Nper as the number of semiannual periods 6 and Pmt as the semiannual payment amount So, when you solve for the Rate the answer is a semiannual yield. Since the YTM is always stated as an annual rate, we need to double this answer. In this case, then, the YTM is 9. Change your formula in B14 to:.

How to calculate the bond price and yield to maturity

So, always remember to adjust the answer you get from Rate back to an annual YTM by multiplying by the number of payment periods per year. Many bonds but certainly not all , whether Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, or municipal bonds are callable. That is, the issuer has the right to force the redemption of the bonds before they mature.

How to calculate bond price in Excel?

This is similar to the way that a homeowner might choose to refinance call a mortgage when interest rates decline. If you wish, you can jump ahead to see how to use the Yield function to calculate the YTC on any date. Given a choice of callable or otherwise equivalent non-callable bonds, investors would choose the non-callable bonds because they offer more certainty and potentially higher returns if interest rates decline. Therefore, bond issuers usually offer a sweetener, in the form of a call premium , to make callable bonds more attractive to investors.

A call premium is an extra amount in excess of the face value that must be paid in the event that the bond is called before maturity. Notice that the call schedule shows that the bond is callable once per year, and that the call premium declines as each call date passes without a call.

How can I calculate a bond's coupon rate in Excel?

It should be obvious that if the bond is called then the investor's rate of return will be different than the promised YTM. That is why we calculate the yield to call YTC for callable bonds. The yield to call is identical, in concept, to the yield to maturity, except that we assume that the bond will be called at the next call date, and we add the call premium to the face value. Let's return to our example:. What is the YTC for the bond?

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I have already entered this additional information into the spreadsheet pictured above. Remember that we are multiplying the result of the Rate function by the payment frequency B8 because otherwise we would get a semiannual YTC. Note that the yield to call on this bond is Now, ask yourself which is more advantageous to the issuer: 1 Continuing to pay interest at a yield of 9. Obviously, it doesn't make sense to expect that the bond will be called as of now since it is cheaper for the company to pay the current interest rate.

As noted above, a major shortcoming of the Rate function is that it assumes that the cash flows are equally distributed over time say, every 6 months. However, bonds only pay interest twice a year, so there are only 2 days per year that the Rate function will give the correct answer. On any other date, you need to use the Yield function. If you need to, you can adjust the column widths to see all the data.

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    How can I calculate a bond's coupon rate in Excel?

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