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  • Tampa Tribune Subscription Deal $ per Sunday Paper.

Other sellers are quite open about their activities, running publicly-accessible websites where they claim to buy extra copies of the Sunday paper in order to get extra coupon inserts to sell. Perhaps some of them do. But how many are really buying thousands of newspapers, from multiple different cities, and somehow making the coupons available for sale days or even weeks before the Sunday papers are even printed?

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Just last month, a Rhode Island police officer was convicted of breaking into a newspaper distribution facility to steal inserts , which his wife then allegedly sold on Instagram. Last year, two South Carolina men were convicted of walking right into a newspaper distribution facility to steal coupons by the bundle , in order to provide them to online insert sellers.

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Often, insert theft is an inside job. Earlier this year, a former newspaper employee in Pennsylvania was convicted of using his connections to gain access to hundreds of insert bundles , which he intended to provide to an online seller. So what are newspapers doing about the problem of all of those coupon inserts walking right out their back doors? Not enough, according to the insert publishers. The Tampa Tribune and several other big-city newspapers worked with SmartSource publisher News America Marketing several years ago, to ask the public and their own employees for information about who was responsible for stealing and selling so many inserts.

That effort led to some successes, Cole said. But apparently not enough of them. Neither Valassis nor the AJC offered any indication of whether Valassis might eventually reverse its decision, should the security situation improve in the future. Couponers in Atlanta, like those before them in Phoenix, Detroit, Los Angeles and Tampa, are understandably upset about losing their coupon inserts. Their Sunday papers will still include SmartSource coupons. So some upset couponers are searching for someone to blame.

And many are directing their ire at Valassis. Why should I, if I have to pay more than others to purchase them? One might accuse Valassis of killing a fly with a sledgehammer, trying to thwart a handful of coupon thieves by dropping coupon nukes on entire cities at a time. For years, concerned couponers have worried that the coupon scammers and abusers are going to end up ruining it for everyone.

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I subscribed to my local Sunday for the coupons. By removing these inserts in the papers is supporting these online coupon insert seller and clipping services. The irony of this move by Red Plum is that it will forced honest coupon users to turn to ordering these inserts as this is the only was to secure them now. So the very issue they are trying to stop, is the only option available. And I know you can print 1 copy of some on their site, but many are not available to print.

The only reason I subscribe to my Sunday newspaper is for the coupons.

Dumpster Diving for LOADS of COUPONS!! YES!!!!

Removing them will really hurt newspapers, as well as we couponers. I will stop my subscription if there are no coupons in the paper. It usually includes a coupon booklet too, which I use. You make a great point here. The reason Sunday newspaper subscribership is so much higher than weekdays is mainly due to the coupons. So it is incumbent upon the newspaper companies to secure those coupons as though they are money. Yet so many newspaper companies across the country have very poor controls. As a result, many of those newspapers are now being denied Sunday inserts.

They are reaping what they have sown by turning a blind eye to the theft and diversion of inserts over these past several years. In many cases, these companies were actually profiting from the sale of those inserts. But it was short-sighted, as now they have been cut off and their Sunday subscribership suffers.

Hold one for an update. And for the one that thinks couponers are theifs. We are only doing what we e are allowed! Loop holes is what hey call them. Thank you, Bonnie! You are spot on! Coupons are a form of virtual currency. The printable coupons are from the damn source itself and is totally legitimate. So get your facts straight before you go off on someone like that.

Tampa Tribune Subscription Deal $ per Sunday Paper

I agree… That is fraud, simply stated. These people sell bundles of all day long. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Meet Liza Thanks for coming to Addicted to Saving! My name is Liza and I began my money-saving journey in the Spring of as a way to stretch a limited household income. I had lost my job and my hubby was self-employed. I launched Addicted to Saving in November of and it has grown by leaps and bounds.

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