How do passive/introvert deals with interpersonal conflict

Can anyone think of another example of a Personological variable other than just personality? I'm looking at the General Aggression Model the long term one and it says an increase in agressive personality leads to Personological.

How Introverts Handle Conflict

I am somewhat reserved, so I don't talk too much. It's not easy to understand other's personality. My friend's character is opposite to mine. I and my friend are similar in character. I am quite different from my. What's your personality?

Evaluate how passive/introvert personality deals with interpersonal conflict

What are you like? I'm kind of introverted. Introverts get their energy from within rather than from the outside world.

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  • Evaluate how passive/introvert personality deals with interpersonal conflict!
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  • Introverts and conflict.
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An introvert values quiet time alone for thinking while an extrovert wants time with others for action. Introverts believe that they cannot live life until they have understood it. They are seen as reserved, quiet, shy, aloof, and distant. When an introvert is tired, stressed or feels bad he is likely to withdraw to a quiet place and engage in reflective activity. Introverts look to the inner world for energy and meaning.

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  4. Differences in introversion and extroversion can result in interpersonal conflict. If an introvert and an extrovert in a relationship are both under stress each will use a different strategy of coping.

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    The extrovert will want to go out to a party or shopping while the introvert will want quietness and solitude. As they interact with each other the extrovert may feel rejected while the introvert imposed upon.

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    What reduces stress for one will not for the other. These two people are caught in a type difference but may only see the other person as being demanding or resistive. Learning to understand the type difference can be helpful and open a door to understanding and cooperation.

    Extraversion and introversion - Wikipedia

    Thinks later. Thinks and may act.

    There's a win-win solution out there. Here's how to find it.

    When we hide from conflict, we cover up our true thoughts and emotions. We might avoid an argument, but we also prevent the deeper connection that can result from open, honest communication. Handling conflict is an important aspect of maintaining and developing relationships. Understanding how introverts handle conflict is helpful because an introvert is more likely than an extrovert to withdraw or avoid conflict, according to a study done by E.