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Mobile plans come in a few different flavours. The type most of us are familiar with are pay monthly plans that include a handset.

The best SIM only deals in June 12222

With these type of plans you'll be paying for your services — minutes, data, texts — and on top of that pay monthly instalments for the hire-purchase of your new handset. You simply put the SIM in your existing handset and, provided your phone isn't locked to another network , off you go. There are short and long pay monthly contracts, or there are pay as you go PAYG SIMs which can work out even cheaper to those with minimal usage.

There are two types of SIM only deal: Pay monthly, which is itself divided into month contracts and one-month day rolling contracts. And pay as you go, commonly abbreviated to 'PAYG'. Pay monthly SIM only deals come in just two flavours: Those on a day rolling contract and those that will tie you in for 12 months. How do you choose between them? Here's how. At Cable. They go out of business all the time.

Here are the SIM only providers we do stand behind. Depending on your handset, you will need one of three different sizes of SIM card.

1. The absolute best cheap SIM only deal out there

It's a good idea to know which you need before ordering your new SIM. Switching your mobile provider once your contract has ended is very straight-forward.

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  • The best SIM only deals in June 12222.
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Of course, you will keep your existing number when switching unless you actually need a new one. Generally speaking, you will follow these steps. It varies from handset to handset. With most new handsets you will find a small hole somewhere around the edge of your phone.

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Use a pin or the special tool supplied with your phone to press into the hole and pop out the SIM drawer. Take out the old one, put in the new one, close the drawer and Bob's your uncle.

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The big four network providers all provider data SIMs specifically aimed at tablet users. If you fail a SIM only credit check, your credit rating is in a bad way. Sorry about that, we've been there and it's tough. Yes and no. While there is generally little wrong with the service you receive from smaller providers, the smaller the provider the less stable it tends to be. New providers come and go all the time, often leaving their customers high and dry. At the very least you should consider a provider that's been around long enough to build a reviewable track record — a few years at least.

Almost never. There may be a small window of a few hours, a day at most, when you're waiting for your PAC to activate your old phone number on your new phone , but this is going to be as a result of some sort of error in the process. For the vast majority it's seamless. If you're getting a handset in the deal , and it's at least a reasonably modern one, you'll be paying for it in instalments on top of your monthly charges for your services. Roam like at home Our great 1p tariff can be used when using your phone in the following destinations.

Credit rollover Your credit lasts as long as your account is active, with no credit expiry period.

Best Pay-as-you-go SIM deals: the best deals for calls, data, texts and roaming from £5 per month

No contract There's no contract to sign, no monthly commitment and no notice. Keep your number It's easy to transfer your existing mobile number to 1pMobile. You're in full control You have full control over the network features and facilities available 24 hours a day. UK-based customer support Our helpful advisors are on hand to provide both online and telephone support.

Full Itemisation Every call, text and data use, all itemised in your account. The best coverage and fastest 4G We are proud to use the EE network.

We have a 3G and 2G service too. Check coverage. EU Roaming Take our amazing 1p tariff with you when you travel to any of 46 European destinations. International calling Calls to international destinations from just 9p per minute, texts from 6p each. Data boosts Purchase one of our four data boosts for even better value when using your phone to surf the internet or using your smartphone apps.

Tethering allowed Use your mobile phone to give your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and tablet access to the internet when you are out and about. Once the SIM is in your phone, you can generally top it up with credit online or using vouchers, or directly from a shop or cashpoint. What differentiates the various SIMs on offer is how this credit gets used. Most networks have a base tariff, setting out the standard cost of making calls, using data or sending texts, with additional charges for calling premium numbers, using premium SMS services, retrieving voicemail messages or using your phone abroad.

If you spend almost all of your time connected to a home or office Wi-Fi network, 1GB of mobile data could easily last you a month. If you have friends and family overseas, definitely investigate how much it costs to make international calls. In some cases, paying for an add-on can slash call costs. Within the EU you should be able to use your phone on exactly the same terms as within the UK, although it remains to be seen whether that will still be true after Brexit.

Outside of the EU, things can be much more expensive.