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Firefly Allure 64 LTE Review: Ultimate Bang For The Buck Despite A Few Bugs?

The phone uses a 5. Since the phone uses OGS, the colors and overall display quality of the phone is very good, with excellent viewing angles and clarity. Probably the only issue we have with the display is the overly thick bottom bezel of the phone.

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As you would expect, the hardware combination produced very, very high results in AnTuTu and produced near seamless gaming with resource hungry games like Real Racing 3 and WWE Immortals. While the phone has the distinction of having Android 5. Aside from the lag issues, we also encountered quite a few bugs as well.

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Downloads via Google Play were sometimes slow and sluggish, even though our internet connection was stable and more importantly, fast. While the issue went away, it came back after a phone restart, which is annoying especially since the Allure 64 LTE is a great phone for playing resource heavy Android games.

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